9 Roofing Industry Trends In 2021

9 Roofing Industry Trends In 2021

The roofing industry has evolved from caves to skyscrapers to solar, and it’s still ever evolving to this day. Are you wanting to move past the tradition roof you might see in your residential neighborhood and go for something more “trendy” and beneficial? Let’s take a look at some options to weigh for your roof in 2021. 

Concrete Roofing


Say what? When most people imagine a concrete roof, their minds take them to a school or a warehouse. However, by utilizing concrete tiles it creates the effect that’s similar to shingles but offers much more durability. This style is more popular in Colorado, but can be explored elsewhere.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing isn’t something new - but just like bell bottom pants, it’s coming back! The normal use of metal roofing would typically involve a barn or industrial building, but now we see it beautifully placed in residential homes, typically mixed in with shingles of another composition. 

Metal, like concrete, is also very durable and will last a lot longer than other roofing options. Not only that, but it will save you on that summer electricity bill (talking to you Texas) - It cools down your house by reflecting the sun off the house. Not only will it keep your house cool, but it will also keep it warm in the winter! I welcome this trend with open arms.

Keep it Light

Remember the days when dark black and gray roofing was the go to for every house you’d pass by, ever? They aren’t gone, but the trend sure is coming in hot with these lighter colored roofing options. No matter the material, when having a lighter roof it comes with several unique benefits. Not only does it help you save on electricity by keeping your home cooler, it creates a softer-looking exterior.

Cool Roofing

We’re talking about keeping a house cool a lot, although we are in the “green” century - so let’s keep it green and trendy. There are many options to go with when looking for cool roofing. The top two choices have been light tiles and reflective paint. They both work in the same manner by keeping the house cool, saving on your electricity bill, and having a higher durability factor.

Synthetic Roofing

This has become very popular and here’s a few reasons why. For one, it’s extremely lightweight and durable, a huge different from your normal shingles. However, even with being lightweight, it can withstand hurricane winds, has a Class A Fire Rating, and a Class 4 Impact Rating. 

So how what exactly is this magic synthetic material? It’s made out of polyurethane material, which will allow the material to not rot, warp, split, or lose it’s color - all while giving the appearance of real wood.

Flat Roofs

This type of flat roofing is more for the fashion snob than anybody else. Okay, that may be a little harsh, this trend is simply known for having a more modern, minimalistic exterior look. Not only does it look cool, but you can more easily install solar panels and/or a rooftop deck. 

Silicone Roofing

No, this type of roofing will not look like your silicone kitchen spatulas, this is an option to simply update your current roof by coating it in silicone. This will change the durability and the color of your current roof, allowing it to not leak, crack, or deteriorate from the suns long day’s of beating.

Solar Roofing

Solar is slowly taking over the industry as we move to a greener world. It didn’t start as an accessible feature, however as it as evolved, solar panels have become way more available and affordable for homeowners. Simply, solar panels provide extra protection to your home while also saving plenty of money on electricity.

Garden Roofing

When talking about upcoming trends, I can’t skip over the one we don’t see too often, garden roofs. Yes this is a living roof, covered with soil and all different kinds of vegetation. What are the benefits? Other than a different look, they can create a great impact on the environment all while lowering your electricity bill and keeping your home insulated. 

So you can see, most trending roofs in 2021 are all about saving electricity, having durability, and having a better impact on the world we live in. I’m excited to see the evolution of roofs as we progress into the next 10 to 20 years, but for now, consider one of these unique and trendy options for your next roofing project!