Homeowners Insurance To Pay For A New Roof

Homeowners Insurance To Pay For A New Roof

The Contractors at Roof and Nail  Will Help

A damaged roof is never a fun thing to have to deal with, especially since any roofing contractors tend to be pretty expensive. Although not all hope is lost!

Using homeowners insurance in a strategic way to get some money to help cover roof repairs is one way to lessen the frustration of the situation. However, sometimes dealing with these companies can just expand your frustration to a whole different level. The team here at Roof and Nail have a history of helping our clients get the roof updates they need with the help of your insurance adjusters and our team members that advocate on your behalf.  Here are some tips on how to handle this process and things you should know.

  • Take A Look At Your Policy

Reviewing your policy is step one, you want to look for anything on there that strictly says roofing repairs or replacements are not covered. However, if you can’t find anything that says that or it seems very unclear, then you are in luck, and you might be able to win this battle.

  • Document, Document, Document!

Documentation will be a huge factor for whether you can get money for your roof or not. Make sure that you take plenty (and I mean plenty) of pictures to document any damage that is done. This is especially important for any time sensitive damage such as hail or storms, make sure your pictures are recording the time that it’s taken as well. 

  • Opinions from a professional

If you are already communicating with your insurance company, they will typically pay for something to come out there and do an inspection. This is definitely a much better piece of documentation, which will determine exactly what needs attention and what doesn’t.

  • How old?

Why is age so important? Because certain roofs under a certain age are often fully covered. After that they tend to depreciate and that will greatly impact the amount that is put on a check from the insurance company. This depends on your policy as well, so make sure you check that out yourself or discuss it with your insurance company.

  • Numbers

The insurance company is going to want some numbers thrown their way as to what this is going to cost to repair or replace. Get some roofing contractors to give a few different estimates and send it their way.

  • The Claim

At this point it’s a repeating game of giving the insurance company your information, waiting for them, and then repeating that over and over. Sometimes this is a short process and other times it’s a hassle. But keep repeating until the company has everything that they need, be patient in this section as it will be worth it. 

  • Assistance With Your Claim

Roof & Nail is one of the leading experts in insurance restorations. They are preferred vendors of many mainstream insurance companies focused in the Tri-State area (TN, AR, MS). Not only can Roof & Nail provide you with the best evaluation on your roof to see if it will qualify for insurance approval, but they can also provide you with a competitive bid for any out of pocket roofing projects.