How to Choose A Shingle Color

How to Choose A Shingle Color

Dark black and gray roofing used to be the normal not too long ago. Although now that the roofing industry is every changing and evolving, there are many types of material and color that can be used to spice up your home. This has evolved not only just to have a better curb appeal, but to also keep your home cool and/or provide a greener way of living.

Trending Roof Shingle Colors

Although there are many type of roofing material to use, for the sake of comparing the top colors for 2021 let’s use asphalt singles as the common factor here.

So let’s get straight to the point, what are the top colors you may ask? I’ll start by listing them off below:

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  1. Brownwood
  2. Estate Grey
  3. Antique Silver
  4. Teak


Now remember, we use Owen's Corning © Oakridge Shingles for the vast majority of our clients. It takes an integrated system and layers designed to protect your home for years! Here's a few recommendations from Roof & Nail


 Red House

Red House with Onyx Black roof

Although lighter colors have been trendy for 2021 and might save you a little more money on your electricity bill, the best shingle color to go with a red house would be something that has a dark hue to it. You should be looking at colors such as dark brown, dark gray, dark green, or back.


White House

White House with blue roof

Having a white house is going to give you plenty of options to choose from and you can’t really go wrong with your choice. You can lean towards black and gray or more colorful like blue or green. Whatever you choose, match it all up with a nice shutter or door color to really make your neighbors look twice.



Grey House

Grey house with red metal roof

This is a very common siding color that is very easy to find a good-looking roof to go with. Some options you can choose from would be anything with a darker hue; black, gray, red, blue, green - the options are up to your style on this one!



Blue House

Blue House with Brownwood shingle color

Having a blue house can really look nice, however getting the roof right is very important. You will want to stick to colors that either in the gray and white color scheme or black or brown.



Brown House

Brown brick house with Estate Grey shingle color

There's almost no point putting this one on here because if really doesn’t matter what color you choose for a brown house. For example, you can explore black, charcoal, dark grays, different shades of brown, green, blue, etc.



Tan House

Tan brick house with green metal roof

Although brown would be easy to slap on a house with this type of siding, you can also explore anything dark such as using green or blue to make it pop.

When deciding what type of color to use for your roof it’s as simple as matching up colors the same way you would get dressed in the morning. Take into account the siding of your house just as much as the color of your roof.