Work Authorization Agreement



Both ROOF AND NAIL OF MISSISSIPPI, LLC (RN) and the above Building Owner (BO) agree to the following:


  1. Contract: Building Owner authorizes RN to be their contractor and grants all work to RN, including all proceeds upon receipt from the owner's  insurance company. Furthermore RN agrees to work under the scope of work furnished by BO's Insurance Company and follow those guidelines for not only work, but payment.
  2. Estimate: Both RN and building owner agree that, per this contract, if the insurance company approves the claim, RN will perform the work for the dollar amount agreed upon by both RN and the owner's insurance company.
  3. Deductible: Building Owner agrees that they are responsible for the cost of their deductible.
  4. Payment: Owners authorizes (INT)  Insurance Company to pay all proceeds to RN under their policy directly to Roof and Nail  LLC, any mortgage company name.
  5. Cancellation: If the insurance company denies coverage for the claim, the owner may contract directly with RN or RN may decline to proceed with the work. In the event RN prepares the estimate for the Owner’s claim and submits the claim to the insurance company and gains approval for the repairs, Owner acknowledges that RN has performed a valuable service to the Owner. Should the Owner, after approval for repairs submitted by RN, cancel this contract, Owner agrees to pay RN in the amount of 25% for the estimated approved.
  6. Buyers right to Cancel: If Owner does not want services, they may choose to cancel this agreement by providing written notice to the contractor in person, by telegram, or by mail. This notice must indicate that you do not want the service and must be delivered or postmarked before midnight of the third business day after signing the agreement.